Anne practices what she is passion about by continually extending her knowledge through undertaking training and new courses as well as having her own coach and mentor. Anne wants to share these opportunities with others as she knows first-hand the positive difference a coach makes in her life and she walks her talk.

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Benefits – ROI in Coaching

Your return on investment (ROI) relates directly to the reasons for engaging a coach for the individual, and the most common outcomes include:

  • Improved ability to manage and communicate with others
  • Develop strategies for achieving goals
  • Develop strategies for handling challenges and conflict situations
  • Accountability to outcomes – for individual and business
  • Establish and workout priorities through action plans
  • Increased ability to lead diverse teams
  • Improved team performance
  • Creation of personal development plan
  • Increased self awareness including behaviours and values
  • Ability to look at problems or issues in new ways
  • Clarity on personal strengths and challenges
  • Renewed motivation
  • Set and pursue goals
  • Gain skills to coach others

Further, the participant has acquired a stronger belief in his/her self and with new skills can become a more competent team player. This can be measured in many ways – morale boost for others in the organisation, real focus on the task at hand, ability to look at things with a new perspective which often allows for an improvement in the human capital as well as fiscal aspects.