Human Resource Consultancy

Whether your business size is small, medium or large, the role that Human Resource (HR) plays has become a strategic and critical component for organisational success.

Understanding your people, their drivers, motivators, expectations of company culture and career objectives, can provide you with the human framework for building a successful business.

We can assist you and your team with:


Attract, engage and retain the right person for the position within your business with our proven ability to develop your position description. We will utilise our behavioural interviewing techniques to assess candidates and at times introduce “hands on” scenarios for candidate testing. Our reference checking is comprehensive ensuring we listen to what is not said.


Establishing a culture provides a shared system of values and beliefs that interact within the team, its structure, and its systems to produce the ways by which things are accomplished within your environment. Essentially the culture of your business is how you go about doing business with your team – day by day. This translates to the heart of your business – the people who provide the services. Understanding the culture of your business fosters the appropriate recruitment approach to the best candidates that align with these business values and meet the behavioural expectations of a robust recruitment process.


Policies and Procedures together with a Code of Conduct aligned to the Vision and Mission Statements of the business provide the people internally and externally with knowledge of the desired culture and also the business brand. We can work with your team to create policies and procedures and to roll out these communications within the business.


Improve workplace performance and effectiveness through measured systems that keep management and staff motivated and informed.


A foundation skill of our HR Consultancy is to coach managers when facilitating improvements and implementing workplace strategies.


We have experience with facilitating trainings to develop teams within the organisation – through communications, time management and conflict resolution. We also provide wellness and wellbeing seminars utilising positive psychology which has a proven benefit on the organisation. The proven benefits of a happy workforce include a reduction in absenteeism, team less prone to make mistakes, higher motivation, relaxed and open to learning and happy people make better, more informed decisions and are better able to prioritise their work.