Does Community have a place in Business? Does Business have a place in Community?

Successful businesses start with a vision, mission statement and a business plan. Each area connects with the vision and the details within a mission statement provide guidance on how behaviours, policies and procedures and legislation merge with the “how” of the business plan – deriving an income from the services or products provided.

The “why” of a business is essentially the vision. At a recent function I was engaged by Bob and Chris Cameron from Rockcote who spoke about their lifestyle and their business vision. I was inspired by how their environmental awareness to provide lifestyle sustainability was totally infused to the very heart of their business philosophy, ethics and products.

The “what” comprises of the mission statement providing a set of Guiding Principles. You will have recognised and connected with these aspects at some level because the company might determine that they want to communicate with conviction, behave ethically, be risk aware and implement environmentally friendly products/services whilst still achieving business and strategic objectives.

Do you as a member of the community select a company based on your values?

Consider your current employment, did you seek out a company that has similar values to your own? What about your choice of supplier for your household needs – do you make an informed decision based on your criteria? Most of us at some stage in our life will have the duality of being part of a community and also being part of a business (either as an owner or as a valued employee). Each of us has the opportunity to make choices rather than leave it to chance. The day to day choices we make provide the canvas for how our character is developed!

Company … Communicates … Community

How well does business integrate with communities? And how well does your community communicate with the local businesses? If we consider the above a palindrome it provides the two way duality. Ultimately it comes down to you – how do you perceive the situation, how do you take action, do you have a strong view, do you succeed or fail to look at the impact on you and those around you, the community and the company? Do you live congruently with your values in day to day life, the place you work and the community? Bob (Rockcote) summarised his talk with a quote from a book that has guided them, Natural Capitalism “Successful businesses of the future will get their discipline from the market place, their designs from nature and their values from the community.”

Embrace choice – communicate your conviction.

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