Professional, bespoke coaching ready to go.

Anne practices what she is passionate about by continually extending her knowledge through undertaking training and new courses as well as having her own coach and mentor. Anne wants to share these opportunities with others as she knows first-hand the positive difference a coach makes in her life and she walks her talk.

Empowered Life Program

Working and living confidently in your career and life

You know how it feels when you are ambitious, you want to move forward in your chosen career and yet you lack confidence and struggle to make important decisions.  It can impact your career and your personal life. You feel that circumstances define you. In the Empowered Life Program you will learn to live more authentically.  You have more confidence and remove the barriers that prevent you from creating the career you want and the relationships you desire.

Here is what you get when you finish the Empowered Life Program:

  • You’ll finally have a clear path for your career
  • You’ll have the confidence to speak up about what you want
  • You’ll discover you are not defined by what happens to you
  • You’ll notice that your relationships are growing stronger
  • You’ll know how to avoid indecision and confusion in the future
  • You’ll move to a better place finding courage to take action
  • You’ll be living an empowered fulfilled life!

This six-month program includes:
Individualised personalised sessions
24/7 email support
Additional resources and recommendations

Decision Making – VIP Session

Get it sorted NOW!

It’s hard to gain clarity and feel confident to make good decisions if you are overwhelmed and deadlines are moving closer.  In this powerful VIP session you will have an opportunity to consider every aspect of the issue, to sift through all the options and finally resolve it.

Here is what you accomplish from this VIP session:

  • You’ll have the satisfaction and confidence that a great decision has been made
  • You’ll feel confident that all options have been weighed and you’ve left no stone unturned!  You’ll have a workable, practical plan to bring this decision into action
  • You’ll know how to approach big decisions in the future

When you set aside 3 to 4 hours with Anne, you will come away with a strategy and implementation plan, so you can move forward powerfully.