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I met Anne 15 years ago – we were introduced through work and I was immediately impacted. From this day on Anne has been my sole mentor and coach and I do not have enough space to write all the things that I have in my heart for this truly amazing lady. If I can say one thing it is that Anne has a gift.

Formal qualifications only enhance Anne’s innate ability of being able to initiate, facilitate, nurture and support change in people’s lives. I often joke that when I met Anne, I was a cocoon and now has emerged a beautiful butterfly. This didn’t happen overnight but it did happen. The biggest gift Anne has given me was to share with me her inspiration and her love – with this comes patience, understanding, belonging and acceptance. Anne saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself and she aspired to bring those things into my reality by breaking down the barriers that prohibited me from seeing and becoming all that I was destined to be.

Anne has my total devotion, love and support because she has been, and continues to be, instrumental in bringing about the change in me that is so desperately needed yet sometimes so hard to penetrate. When you partner with Anne, you will know that you know.



Morayfield, Australia

Our association has been firmly established over a three year collaboration period covering Human Resource matters with our respective assignments for construction and mining personnel at a nickel plant in New Caledonia.

Anne is a natural coach with an innate ability for listening and caring as well as possessing a wealth of experience in managing staff issues in large corporations internationally. Her expertise lies in dealing with interpersonal issues, team building and coaching managers in how best to achieve results within their team to contribute to the organisation’s business objective.

Olivia Ohlen

Corporate Psychologist, Singapore

In every single session Anne was there totally for me, her genuine support, patience, her caring and brilliant insights where truly amazing. I felt inspired and I could take on the world.

The best part was overcoming my public speaking fear. I thank you Anne for believing in me and together we conquered it. Throughout our time Anne has given me more than I could ever imagine, this was the first time I have had a coach and I would recommend it to everybody. A huge Thank you!

Yvonne Thomas

Business Owner, Jindabyne