Inspire Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching is an empowering platform for learning and growing. It is an intensive one-on-one coaching experience that is designed to eliminate un-resourceful blocks. You will discover more about internal filters and how we are focussed in our life is a direct reflection of our upbringing, environment and significant emotional experiences which are stored and coded in our neurology and then represented as “reality” – not always that is in our best interest or supports us to move forward in life.

You will learn how the brain works and how your beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours influence and impact your life every day. Learn how to reframe that focus to set compelling goals for your future and creating that outcome.

  • 12 x 1 hourly sessions by phone or in person by arrangement, or via Skype
  • Up to 1 hour extra phone support per month
  • Unlimited email access
  • Reduced admission to our workshops run in the duration of your package.
  • The sessions to be completed within a time frame of 6 months.

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